"Gina has always been so generous, patient, and kind to offer advice when one of my dogs has needed something. She is calm, knowledgable, and definitely has done a LOT of research on homeopathy and natural medicine. She has years and years of both personal and professional experience and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone." - Sarah

"I've known Gina for approximately ten years and have experienced watching her keep many dogs healthy and free of disease by her knowledge of good nutrition and homeopathic ways. I always tell people when I come back, I want to come back as one of her dogs. Strong and healthy!" - Andre

"Gina has such an extensive knowledge and has been so willing to share! I am so grateful for the advice and help,she has provided over the years. My whole family has benefited from her knowledge. As a health care professional in human side I am so very grateful to know someone so willing to share her knowledge and someone with such great ethics." - Sandy B. 

"So very excited that Gina has opened the door to her vast pool of knowledge!!" - Tracy H.