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Herbal Specialist  Greg Tilford Animal Herbalist  Nutraceuticals for Pets

Rehabilitation Information  Three legged Canine Resource and Health Center  Canine Rehabilitation Institute  Physical Rehabilitation Center  Canine Rehab, Fitness and Performance Products  Sports massage for Athletes 

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Vaccine Information  Duration of Immunity Charitable Trust and Resource Guide  Evidence Based Vaccination Site  Dr.Karen Becker on Holistic Pet Health

Poison Control  24/7 Animal Poison Control Center

Publications  A Canine Journal on Products and Foods  A Complete Natural Publication for Dogs

Diet Information  Diets and Information for Health and Disease Unbiased Dog Food Reviews Diets and Information on feeding

Diets  Maker of Truly Wholesome Diets Maker of diets and raw food mixers  Grass fed Raw Pet Food Nutritious Raw Food Delivered Direct To Your Home Healthy Cooked Diet Delivered To Your Home  Homemade Dog Food and Premixes

Whole Food Nutrition  Makers of Missing Link Super Supplement  Manufacturers of High Quality Whole Food Supplements and Herbs  Premium Quality Animal Supplements  Scientifically based Nutritional Supplements  Organic Canine Treats and Supplements  Herbal Adaptogens for the Canine

Online Heath Care Products, Homeopathic Kits and Supplies  Health Care Products and Supplements  Remedy and Cell Salt Supplier  Natural Health Supply Homeopathic Supplements A large collection of Natural Pet Products

Maine State References  Emergency and Specialty Hospital  Full Service Veterinary Hospital  Modern Positive Reinforcement Training Dog and Puppy Training  Training with Knowledge, Compassion and Joy  Dr. Judy Herman DVM CCH Homeopathic Veterinarian Positive and Fun Training Techniques for Dogs of all Ages  Dr.Ruth Dalto DVM Holistic Veterinarian

Human Help  Joette Calabrese HMC, CCH, RSHom(NA) Licensed Homeopathic Practitioner  Natural Health Website  Wise Traditions in Food, Farming and the Healing Arts