Supplement Short List for Dogs

I'm often asked which supplements I believe in and use with my own dogs.  I am a hard sell when it comes to adding extras to my dogs' wholesome diet.  If a dog is eating a fresh healthy diet there should be little need for many supplements.  In times of illness or chronic disease I incorporate various individualized supplements, but in wellness I try to keep additions to a minimum.  All of my choices are whole food choices (not synthetic) from what I believe are ethical companies.  Below is a general list of support that I incorporate or rotate as needed.  

This list will change a bit from time to time when I find new worthy products to add.  Below you will find companies that I trust and their quality products.  Obviously, you would not add all of these products, but instead find the best product for your dog by trying them on the pet themselves.  If you are not seeing the results you'd like, no worries,  just switch to something new the next time.  

Pick me!

Pick me!

Calcium/Mineral Supplements:

  • Hylands Bioplasma tabs

  • Animal Essentials Seaweed Calcium

  • Wysong Call of the Wild

  • Rx Vitamins Essentials

Coat Support:

  • The Missing Link Detox blend by Designing Health

  • Animal Essentials Organic Ocean Kelp

  • Wholistic Pet Coconut Oil

  • Nordic Naturals Pet Cod Liver Oil

  • Standard Process Dermal Support

Dental Support:

  • 1-TDC

  • Vetri Science CoQ10

  • Ark Naturals Breathless Chews

  • Wysong DentaTreat

Detox Supplements:

  • Animal Essentials Multi

  • Standard Process Canine Hepatic Support

  • Vetri Science DMG

  • Denamarin by Nutramax

Flea, Tick and Parasite Supplements:

  • Earth Animals Internal Powder and Tablets

  • Earth Animals No More Worms and Tick Tinctures

  • Wholistic Diatomaceous Earth

  • Wondercide Topical products

  • Effitix topical solution (if when needed based on environment and exposure)

Gastrointestinal Support:

  • Animal Essentials Phytomucil

  • Ark Naturals Gentle Digest

  • Standard Process Canine Enteric Support

  • Honest Kitchen Perfect Form

  • Rx Vitamins Biotic

  • Rx Vitamins Zyme

  • Dr.Harvey’s Runs Be Done

Immunity Boosters:

  • Standard Process Canine Immune Support

  • 4Life Transfer Factor Canine Complete

  • Vetri Science Immuno DMG

  • Wholistic Bee Power

  • Amber Technology Vibactra +

Joint Support:

  • Vetri Science Glycoflex

  • Dasuquin Advanced by Nutramax

  • Flexadin Advanced by Vétoquinol

  • Standard Process Musculoskeletal Support

  • Biostar Trinity

Mental Support:

  • Ark Naturals Happy Traveler

  • Zylkene by Vétoquinol

  • Animal Essentials Apawthecary Tranquility Blend

  • Rx Vitamins Hemp

  • Solliquin by Nutramax

  • Biostar Trinity


  • Standard Process Canine Whole Body Support

  • Animal Essentials Herbal Multi-Vitamin and Minerals

  • Wysong C-Biotic

  • Wysong Addlife

  • Designing Health Missing Link

  • Rx Vitamins Essentials

  • Biostar Optimum

Urinary Support:

  • Honest Kitchen Easy Peesy

  • Wysong Biotic pH

  • Vetri Science Bladder Strength

  • Wholistic WholeCran Intense


(If you are looking for more specific support I am always happy to consult with you!)