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Decipher:  verb; to find the meaning of; to interpret the meaning of, to help decode

Are you confused about health information you received in regard to your dog? Have you ever been afraid to ask more questions about your dog's condition or treatment? Do you have trouble deciding about health options? Do you want to become more empowered with professional knowledge to help make better choices for your canine companion?

Maybe you have questions about your new puppy's individual vaccine protocol or tick bite prevention for your dog or even quality of life direction with your geriatric companion?  

If you answered yes, Doggie Decipher can guide you.

With over 28 years of professional experience, Doggie Decipher can outline options. Together, we can weigh ideas and customize a plan that would be best for you and your dog. Doggie Decipher is an educational dog counseling business. I can interpret situations and outline a health plan to guide your dog to better health.


"Gina has been the only person who I could trust to consult about my pups' health issues. People thought I was a crazy dog person, so often times I hesitated to ask or mention things about my dogs. We used to travel to see a holistic vet, but even that I couldn't get the same feeling from the vet as I had towards my dogs. BUT, with Gina, I always feel that we are on the same page and I never feel that my question is too stupid or crazy! I think because she is not only so qualified and experienced, but also she is a crazy dog mom herself! Plus her "eat right, chemical free" life style gives jewels of knowledge beyond veterinary care." - Shoko

"Gina has been my go to guidance person for over 10 yrs. I trust and highly value her opinion on holistic health for my animals . She has a "heart" which is equal to her vast knowledge. Thank you so much for everything you've done for me and shared over the years Gina. I'm sure you will go on to help many many more families and their furries in the years to come!" - Sandy S.

"Gina's expert knowledge of alternative, holistic veterinary care has been invaluable for me. From simple diet advice to more serious immune system/vaccinosis issues, she has always offered me solid advice, practical approaches and homeopathic guidance that has, quite literally, changed my dogs' lives. She has an empathy for animals that is unparalleled. She demonstrates her desire to help our companions live the fullest and most healthful lives possible every single day, offering support and insight with kindness and compassion." - Jaimee